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Visual Thinking with TouchDesigner



TouchDesigner本家Derivative社 ベン・ヴォイト氏特別監修。

This book's main focus is to be an introduction of TouchDesigner. You can learn how to use the software and all of its general functions. It's not only for beginners but also good for intermediate users and more. It has many amazing interviews about top creators. You can learn essential points and creators' styles through their works and through the interviews.

Now in Japan I feel that every month has TouchDesigner events, sometimes three events in a month! I have never seen this situation in other countries. So many people are interested in TouchDesigner. But TouchDesigner still lacks Japanese documentation which has become a big barrier for beginners. This is the reason why we made this book.

I have held about 10 workshops in two years where I met many types of TouchDesigner users and beginners. They have different backgrounds - engineers, designers, researchers and students. They all make things but they also make it differently and TouchDesigner works well in all their fields.

I think TouchDesigner's potential extends beyond visual art and the field of media art. And I also think that if practitioners in other fields start to use TouchDesigner that it will have a very good effect for visual art. I believe this book will spur an increase of interest in TouchDesigner users in Japan. I hope it also has a good effect for the Japanese visual sense and media art scene!

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